10 October 2009

Just a thought...

Есть статья за попытку государственного переворота, за государственный переворот статьи нет.

There is a penalty for the attempted revolution, but there are no any penalties for the revolution.


  1. Leagul,
    What brought this thought up for you?
    I think that almost every country in the world can relate to that quote over its history. There is an expression sometimes used in America that goes like (I am not sure of the exact wording) "If you do not succeed the first time, try try again." Of course, that implies that you did not succeed doing a task that does not cost you your ability to try again. A "try again" revolution is probably not much of an option if you are truly involved in the first one.

  2. :) Perhaps, I translated from Russain to English not really good:)
    For me this phrase is not about trying again, but more about both the ability to think continentally (when you can look at the trouble from unexpected side, or, in other words, you can see the blind sides of the law about revolution) and self-reliance (you are not afraid of the penalties for the attempted revolution when you are really going to make revolution). :)