10 October 2009

Volgograd..."A little Australia" or flatlands flights in Russia

Еще один пост из серии "российские лётные места" :)
На этот раз о Волгограде - живописном равнинном месте, где иногда проводятся Чемпионаты или Кубки России.
Волгоград находится не так уж и далеко от европейских стран. Ну, по крайней мере на европейской части нашего континента:) Гораааздо ближе, чем Австралия, как минимум:))
Here is another post in the "Flying in Russia" series:)
This time it will be ablout Volgograd - a picturesque flatland where the Russian Open or Russian Cup sometimes takes place.
Volgograd is not too far from European countries. Well, it is at least in the European part of our continent:) Much closer than Australia;)

Город расположен на изгибе большой реки Волга, которая просто офигенно смотрится с неба, особенно в закатных лучах:)
The city is located on a bend of the big river Volga, which looks really amazing from the sky, especially in the sunset:)

Аэродром расположен немного восточнее города, в месте где в Волгу впадает приток, речка Ахтуба.
The airfield is located just to the east of the city, in the place where the little river Akhtuba flows into the Volga.

На северо-западе от аэродрома - большая промышленная зона, много ЛЭП, труб, заводов. Надо быть повыше, чтобы пролетать там. На западе - город-спутник Волгограда - Волжский. Большая часть маршрутов ставится на север и восток, стараясь более менее придерживаться дорог, коих не так уж и много.
In the north-west of the airfield there is a large industrial zone with a lot of power lines, pipes, plants. You should have enough altitude to pass over there. To the west there is a satellite town of Volgograd - Volgsky. They set hanggliding tasks usually to the north and east, more or less trying to keep to the roads, of which there are not many.

Погода тут обычно хорошая и высокая, хотя бывает ветренно. Периодически здесь проводятся соревнования. По началу тут летали только за мотодельтапланами и стартовали только с ног.
В этом году стали использовать тележки и буксироваться также за маленькими самолетиками. Эх, драгонфлайчик бы сюда:)
The lift here is usually good and strong, though sometimes it can be windy. In previous years they were towing with trikes, with pilots launching off their feet. This year they began to use the towing carts and small airplanes as well. Oh, it would be so nice to have dragonfly here:)

Все фотки с Чемпионата России этого года, который проходил с 5 по 16 августа. Результаты соревнований я уже писала ранее в блоге, ТУТ.
Итого было разыграно 6 дней. Таски ставились от 66 до 101 км, преимущественно замкнутые маршруты.
All these pictures were made during the Russian Open this summer, which was held from August 5-16. I have noted the results of the competitions earlier in this post. So, they flew 6 days, with tasks ranging from 66 to 101 km, with most of the tasks having their goal back at the competition site.

Живут тут обычно в лагере на берегу речки, посреди яблоневого сада:) Где много ёжиков:)
The pilots usually camp here on the banks of the river in the middle of an apple orchard:) There is many hedgehogs there:)

Сам город Волгоград красивый и солнечный. Несмотря на то, что весь посвящен победе в Великой Отечественной Войне, и все еще хранит память о миллионах погибших тут людей. Такой туристически-ориентированный город с кучей парков и памятников.
The city of Volgograd is beautiful and sunny, despite the fact that the whole city is dedicated to victory in the Second World War and still preserves the memory of the millions of people who died here. It is a tourist-oriented town with lots of parks and monuments.

Заменитая статуя "Родина-мать зовёт". Высота женской фигуры - 52 метра (вес больше 8 тысяч тонн), длина меча - 33 метра (вес - 14 тонн!).
The famous statue "Motherland Calls". The height of a female figure is 52 meters (weighing more than eight tons), the length of the sword is 33 meters (weighing 14 tons!).

Большинство этих фоток сделаны Викой. Больше можно посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ и ЗДЕСЬ.

Видеорепортаж Владимира Леуськова с Чемпионата России 2009 можно посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ.

Most of these pics were made by Vika. You can find more HERE and HERE.

A video report about the Russian Open 2009 made by Vladimir Leuskov can be found HERE.

В общем, добро пожаловать в Волгоград на аэробуксировочные полеты!:)
So, you are welcome to Volgograd for some flatlands flights:)!


  1. Leegul,
    Very interesting that a small plane can be used to pull up a glider. I have never seen a glider pulled up with anything other than a trike or a dragonfly. Can you describe how it is different being pulled up by a small plane.
    Does the plane require more speed than a dragonfly? Is there more turbulence associated with the plane? Do you have to fly more above the plane?
    Thanks for the post...

  2. Leagull,
    You said "There is many hedgehogs there:"
    Is that an expression that describes the small slanted roof structures in the picture? Are they called "hedgehogs?" Are they common in the parks. When tourists travel, for instance, can they pay to sleep in these small structures rather than go to a hostel or motel? I will be moving in Germany with my family (hopefully) in the next year and we are wanting to visit all of Europe, including Russia. It sounds like, if these hedgehogs are available throughout Russia, that one could backpack and rely on them being available for rent as one goes from city to city.
    Thanks, Olehere

  3. Смутила, Женька, ты своими ёжиками-хэджхогами))
    вот объясняй теперь, рисуй - что есть "ёжик"!

    p.s. предпоследнее русское слово - исправляй давай быстро, пока не заметили ;)

  4. To Olehere:

    Hedgehog is just the little prickly animal:) There are a lot of hedgehogs in that place. Maybe because of the apple garden, who knows:)
    The small slanted roof structures in the picture are not very common in Russia. It is just kind of camp. When tourists travel it is easier and faster to find some hostel or motel usually.
    But! We have hangglider and paraglider pilots almost in every city of Russia. Be our guest! You are very welcome:)! You could travel from city to city, exploring Russian cities, nature, culture, flying places:) Think of it:)

  5. To Листопад:

    Долго думала, где ж там ошибка :D
    Не только английский, мне еще русский учить надо :)))

  6. To Olehere:

    I'll answer on your question about the small airplane a bit later. During the Russian Open 2009 I flew in Laragne, France. And I didn't fly in Volgograd this year with that small airplane. So, I'll ask my frinds and then I'll write to you:)

  7. To Olehere:
    about the small plane:
    the pilots said that the name of airplane is STOL. It was modified by changing the propeller pitch. It was very easy to take off with this plane, much easier than with the trike! The plane was just a bit faster than dragongly (speed was about 60 km/h). And it was no turbulence. Very stable flight.