23 July 2012

Over The Main Chain Of The Alps

I missed it. I missed those perfect weather conditions, which allowed Gerolf-The-Champion together with Russian top-pilots to cross the main chain of the Alps a few times. I was working at my desk in Moscow, following them online on a livetracking page.
На русском читайте у Артура в блоге:)

And they used those weather conditions in its entirety:)Gerolf, knowing all the air and mountain paths in the Austrian Alps, and being the best weatherman one could possibly find, was coming up every day with the best possible task. And the Russian top pilots: Anton Struganov, Artur Dzamikhow, Maxim Usachev (and couple more were joining at times) - were perfectly able to keep up with Gerolf and follow him from Greifenburg over Grossglokner, the highest peak of the Austrian Alps, to the southern borders of Germany:)!

Here is a little video Artur made with the spectacular views of snowy Austrian peaks:

Briefing before the flight. Anton, Maxim, Gerolf, Artur.
Artur over the Alps.

Anton Struganov on his RX4 over the Alps.
One of the tracklogs:

I'm very envious:)!

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