23 September 2011

The Part Of My Heart...

...is missing.

I miss people I love. On the one hand I even don't have time to miss: so many things are in my head, so many things I have to do. But then I stop for a moment and feel very strongly how much I miss them.  We have an expression in Russian: "Tearing something off from the heart." Usually we use it when we want to convey that we give away something which is very important for us, which is part of our heart.  This is exactly how it feels. Whether I leave my family after visiting them in Kazakhstan, or I leave my boyfriend in Europe, or my dearly loved friends, I feel as I'm tearing off some part of my heart. I know that when there is love there are no distances. But this knowledge doesn't help. It is painful and sad anyway. Hey, people I love, why are you all in the different parts of the planet? Now I don't have any other choice but to travel around all the time:)
Скучаю я по любимым людям. Хотя вроде совсем некогда скучать-то, столько дел, столько дел. А потом остановишься - и понимаешь, что скучаешь. Говорят "как от сердца оторвал". А так и чувствуется. Съездила вот в Казахстан, к маме, к сестре, племяннику, уезжаю, и понимаю, что просто отрываю часть сердца, уезжая. Или когда из Европы уезжаю от Герольфа. Вот вроде бы нет дистанций для любви, а грустно так, хоть на стенку лезь. Расселились мои любимые люди по разным уголкам планеты, мотайся вот теперь. :))

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  1. I miss you too my dear sister !!!!!! and i know how you feel... it is hard to leave all the friends and lovely people around - but much harder if you also have to leave your boyfriend behind and wait for the next trip :-( I'm looking forward to Downunder, to see, hug and enjoy you there again !!!