18 August 2010

Slovenian Open - Day 3 - Canceled

Отменили еще один день из-за дождей...:(
Another day canceled :( It is raining...

Сначала прогноз на соревнования выглядел просто отличным. Чем ближе к делу, тем он хуже. Так выглядит прогноз на следующие три дня по состоянию на два часа дня. Розовый цвет - там, где обещают дождь.
In the beginning of the competition we had quite a nice weather forecast, actually. But it gets worse and worse. Right now it looks like this (at 2 PM every day; purple color is where there is a chance of rain).
Но вот прямо сейчас прогноз не совпадает с действительностью - вместо дождя - голубое небо даже! Надеемся на то, что прогноз облажается завтра:)
But right now the real situation is not the same as the weather forecast was! It promised rain, but we are having a blue sky already:)! We just hope that the weather forecast makes mistake about tomorrow as well!!!


  1. Howdy...where do you get these weather maps with the chances of rain like that?

    Good luck for tomorrow...I just killed a chicken and did some woodoo stuff with the blood so you have some nice weather ;o)

  2. Wow, looks like it worked! We are having sun in the morning!:)

  3. Great! I will buy and kill more chicken ;o)

    I hope you had a good flight and that you kicked ass today!

    Blog updated for the french opens...

  4. It worked It worked:)!!!! More chicken, please:)!

    And thanks for your updating:)!