17 August 2010

Slovenian Open - Day 2 - Stopped & Canceled

С утра была надежда на таск - было солнце. Поставили таск: туда-сюда 82 км. Но небо быстро затянуло, на первом поворотнике пошел дождь и таск отменили.
In the morning there still was a hope for a task: it was sunny. They set 82 kilometers task back and forth. But the sky quickly became overcast, rain started to fall at the first turnpoint, and they canceled the task.
Про дождь отрепортил Герольф, слетавший на ппм и вернувшийся. Для меня остаются чудом полеты при настолько затянутом небе, если честно.
It was Gerolf who first flew to the turnpoint and back and reported about the rain. It still feels like miracle to me to fly with SUCH an overcast.


  1. Sorry for you guys...You better get used to it and start the tasks earlier in morning if you guys want to fly ;o) It was the same for us...everyday! I landed with such a rain one of them...Protecting myself with my glider for a couple hours before the rain started to slow down a bit so i could pack my stuff. But yes i felt weird too to fly with such an overcasted sky most of the time overthere...Plafs were around 1700m at max...


    PS: You can have SOME results for the french opens on my blog if you wish...in english ;o)

  2. Now it is early morning and rain... Hm...

    Do you actually have a link for the results of French Open? Are they available online?

  3. ;o(

    Nope, the organizing club for the french opens do not update the website...I am gathering the little info i can get...sorry...I hope you get some good weather tomorrow.

  4. I just updated the results with waypoints etc...Erick

  5. ur welcome...it's updated again:

  6. О, у нас седня примерно такое же небо. Неплохо набирается, если крутить :-) Если не крутить, то плохо :-(