15 October 2009

Autumn Gold

А в Челябинске тем временем золотая осень. Очень тепло, до 20 градусов тепла, что оооочень необычно для середины октября.
Самое красивое время года для Челябинска, я думаю:)
Взяла с собой сегодня свою мыльницу и фоткала по дороге на работу:)
It is the golden autumn time in Chelyabinsk. It is very warm (up to 20 degrees), which is sooooo unusual for mid-October. Fall is the most beautiful time of year for Chelyabinsk, I think:)
So I took my camera and shot some picture on the way to work:)

Все цвета вместе
So many colors

Случайно застала какое-то представление у драм-театра. Наверное, открытие театрального сезона:)
I accidentaly caught some show in front of the theater. Perhaps it was the opening of the theatrical season:)

Вид из окна нашего офиса
View from our office window

А на выходных будет тепло, солнечно, и мы поедем в Аушкуль праздновать день рождение нашего дельтапланерного клуба - 31 год! Полетаемммм:)!
It will be warm and sunny this weekend. We'll go to Aushkul to celebrate the birthday of our HangGliding Club - 31 years old!
**********We are going to flyyyy:)!!!*******


  1. Happy Birthday to your flying club!

    The pictures that you posted of your city, especially the park were very good. Can you take pictures around your office and your neighborhood where you live. I am like a tourist over the internet - I would like to see what the houses and apartments of the middle class look out.

    I wonder if you caught the theatre troup doing a practice session since there appeared to be very few people watching them. Maybe they will be doing the march that you observed for the opening show of the season.

    The picture that you took of the park like setting was very nice - it looks like a very beautiful place to walk and stroll on a very nice afternoon.

    Thanks for posting Leagull, it would be very neat to fly in Russia... do the clubs in the cities do tandems for people like myself? I hope so, I would really like to fly at one of your sites as I visit your country in the future.

    Bye for now,

  2. Thanks, Olehere:)

    We had a wonderful weekend:) I'll write about it soon:)

    And about houses in my city:
    I already wrote a bit about Chelyabinsk and put some photos here: http://leagull.blogspot.com/2009/09/chelyabinsk.html

    I'll take more pictures for you later:)

  3. > Взяла с собой сегодня свою мыльницу и фоткала по дороге на работу:)
    Надо тоже будет повторить такую операцию.


  4. Повтори:)
    и результат покажи:))

  5. Wonderful woman...;)