10 July 2011

The Worlds

Челябинск. Ночь.
Вернулась с красивой свадьбы хороших друзей (для тех, кто в теме - Юрия, моего начальника, и Ольги, той самой, что приезжала болеть за нас в Тегельберг).
Собираю вещи.
Утром вылет.
Chelyabinsk. Midnight.
I've just come home after a beautiful wedding for two of my good friends.
I am packing my stuff now.
Departing to Europe in a few hours.

Если бы кто-нибудь с моим уровнем "летания" спросил у меня совета по поводу ехать на Чемпионат Мира или нет, я бы сказала - конечно, нет. Что ехать на ЧМ надо тогда, когда ты будешь там что-то значить. Когда едешь не учиться, а гонятся. Когда пофиг на агрессию компетиторов - сам будешь таким же. Когда едешь побеждать.
If someone with the same level of flying, as I have, asked my advice about should he/she go to the World Chapminship or not, I would say - of course not. You should go to the Worlds when you will matter there. When you go not to learn, but to compete. When you don't care about the typical aggressivness of the competitors when it's a comp this big.. When you are going to win.

Эх, где бы мы были, если бы всегда следовали своим собственным советам?
But...ehh... Where would we be if we would always follow our own advices?

Так что - я еду на ЧМ!
So, I am leaving for the World Chapmionship, Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy!


  1. I think I heard that advice somewhere before too :)
    Life is too short to not have fun and learn at the same time. There is no doubt that you will learn at a worlds championship with the best pilots in the world (even if you only get to fly with them at the start circle you will still learn something!)
    I think if you have a chance to fly (and you have a good level of competancy, i,e, you are not a novice), bloody well take it!! Most pilots there know they are not going to win, so what is everyone doing there? They are there to improve, fly with the best in the world, help their teams and join in the parties, friendship, excitement. Nothing wrong with that!
    Hope you have some great flying! Have fun for those who can't be there :)

  2. МитькаJuly 11, 2011

    удачи, солнце!

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    Your greatness is in your "flying" heart. I think everybody so modest belong there... see you there :)