21 July 2011

The Worlds - Day 3 - Canceled

Никогда раньше не видела больше сотни аппаратов, лежащих на брюшке.
I've never seen SO MANY (over a hundred!) hanggliders laying together on their bellies!
*Photo by Jamie

Дуло километров двадцать в час, обещали раздувание до шестидесяти. Мы заехали. Собрались. Действительно раздуло. Таск отменен.
In the morning the wind was only 20 kilometers per hour, but the weather forecast promised up to 60 kilometers per hour later. We went up anyway, set up our gliders. But the wind was getting stronger and stronger, and by the briefing time it was way over forty. Day canceled.

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