02 December 2010

A Little Surprise

... for horse lovers:)
Просто клевая картинка для любителей лошадок:)


  1. Yay, Zhenya!!!! One of my favorite photos from your blog. :) :)

    There are only a few creatures on earth that are equal to the horse in their majesty, beauty, strength, and courage. I love them so much.

    At the moment, some friends are on holiday and I'm taking care of their three horses and donkey in addition to my horse who lives on their property. Twice a day, I tend to the horses and donkey and I just love it.

    I told my wife the when I retire, I want a volunteer job caring for horses at a therapeutic riding facility that uses horses to help special-needs individuals (e.g. autism, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy). I would love to tell the horses how wonderful and important they are every day, groom and feed them, etc.

    My wife said that when the time comes, she will be happy to support my desire to move to a location where there is such a facility nearby for me to volunteer. I'm going to do it for sure! I just need to make sure that hang gliding is also nearby. :) :)

    Thanks for posting this photo!!!

  2. Оооо!!!

  3. Зачем вы дуете одуванчиком в лошадку? Ей же щекотно! =) И как фыркнет!