22 October 2010

One Minute Fly


  1. That is actually quite a beautiful and touching film, isn't it Zhenya? A lot of depth and meaning.

    We all only live for one minute relatively speaking, don't we? The elusive secret is doing so in a way that leaves us with only pleasant memories and minor regrets (it's impossible to completely avoid mistakes and poor decisions that lead to regrets) when we get to .59, whenever that might be.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Оч здоровский!
    Спасибо! :)

    Иногда тоже чувствуешь себя такой мушкой: всё-всё-всё успеть, всё попробовать, и тут, и там, и вот здесь, и это, и ещё чуть-чуть, уффф! %)

  3. клевый мульт)

  4. Жизненно. Именно жизненно :)

  5. И ни говорите, девчонки:)

    To JackieB: You are welcome. You are right, one could find here quite a lof of meaning. It even seems to me, that different people are finding different meanings:) But this cartoon definetely makes you think of your own life:)