24 August 2010

Slovenian Open - Results

Итак, Чемпионат Словении успешно завершился. Погода не сказать, чтобы радовала, но соревнования разыграны.
The Slovenian Open is over. The weather conditions weren't very nice, but we still were able to fly enough of a competition to select the best pilots. 

So, the winners are:
 1 Primoz Gricar M SLO Aeros Combat 13,2 09 2344
2 Franc Peternel M SLO Aeros combat 09-13,7 2277
3 Peter Kejzar M SLO Aeros Combat L 2233

all Slovenes:)

Ссылка на полные результаты.
Link for the full results.

Женский зачет:
Women's event winners:
1 Julia Kucherenko F RUS AEROS Combat 12-2009 1149
2 Evgeniya Laritskaya F RUS Moyes LitespeedS3 953
3 Julia Burlachenko F UKR Aeros Combat L12 808

Так что у меня теперь есть вот такой стеклянный паралеллепипед:)
So, now I have this nice square plate of thick glass:)

Поздравляю победителей и спасибо организаторам за организованность:)
Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks to the organizers for organizing this event and for their hospitality:)


  1. Congratulations for your second place! Especially with the weather you got. i just spent the whole week in Laragne during the british opens and the weather was not that great either. We still got some good flying though. I landed with your friend Gordon on thursday...that was different ;o) In case you still didn't get the final results for the french opens: