30 October 2009

Carla Bruni

Читала интервью с Карлой Бруни, первой леди Франции,
и очень сильно срезонировала одна фраза

Я храню верность только себе самой. Порой на меня находят ответственность, вина, сожаление, раскаяние. Но потом они проходят, и я снова становлюсь неким подобием камикадзе, который хочет лишь одного: жить!

I've just read an interview with Carla Bruni, the first lady of France. And one phrase has really resonated with something inside me

I never betray myself. Sometimes I get the feeling of responsibility, guilt, regret, remorse. But then it goes away, and again I become a kind of kamikaze, who wants only one thing: to live!


  1. The aim of the Kamikaze Japanese pilots was to destroy as many warships as possible.

    Living in the moment is great...as long as innocent people are not destroyed along the way right?

  2. Very right.

    Kamikaze Japanese pilots was supposed to die and to take with them as many people or warships as possible.

    But our kamikaze is going to live. Maybe, he will take all the people around with him?

    Actually, I think, here is not about destroying innocent people. Here is just about endless desire to live.