26 January 2012

PreWorlds - Task 8, Overall, Nobody Got Hurt, Russians Flew The Furthest

As everyone already knows, task 8 was a triangle nearly 160 kilometers long. Gerolf made goal far ahead of others. Attila made goal second, and young Jonas was third for the day.
None of the girls made goal. I didn't even fly the task; I flew for an hour and then came back to Forbes, as it was too turbulent for my taste.

The results can be found on the official web-site. Congratulations to Rohan for winning the PreWorlds 2012!

The competition was organized very very well. With over a hundred pilots, including those who got their aerotow endorsment just before the PreWorlds start. Even with windy and sometimes bumpy conditions, nobody got hurt!
Launch line. Photo by Jamie.
I was impressed by the professionalism of our tug-pilots, by all the crew and by our best in the World task committee (I usually knew the task the day before the task;)!

Thanks to Moyes, and a big thanks to Vicki for organizing this event! As Attila said, nobody in the world but her would put in so much effort and organize such an event so well!

Artur Dzamikhov
It was not a surprise, that the best weather conditions came right after the competition was over. Despite some really record-setting type of weather coming, most of the pilots left Forbes. But a few Russians stayed, and had the longest flight of the season (let me know, if I am wrong!).

Artur Dzamikhov flew 362 kilometers from Forbes towards Shepparton. Here you can find his tracklog, though his GPS didn't record the last twelve kilometers for some reason (you can see that the last tracklog point has 90.2 kph and 1143 m altitude). It is a new Russian distance record now! Artur, however, was not so happy because he landed too early, unaware the lift was not yet dying down that evening. He is sure he could have flown two more hours and possibly make 500 kilometers!

After our flatlands adventures were over, we went to the Malibu tour along the Australian coast! Some of you already saw pictures from our tour in Facebook. Soon I will write some stories:) Keep in touch!
Watch shadows!

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