30 November 2010

Breathtaking Snowfall

Знаю, знаю, я уже об этом писала. Но этот снежищще - он ну просто офигенный:) Меня, наверное, не поймут, но мне иногда так хочется, чтобы снег так и продолжал падать, падать, падать, и нападало бы его так много, что все машины бы встали, весь город встал, мгновенье бы остановилось, и народ просто вышел на улицу и УВИДЕЛ, как же это распрекрасно вокруг:)
I know, I know, I have written about it already. It keeps snowing, and it's just.. awesome! I know, I'll get criticized for this wish, but I wish sometimes snow would fall and fall and fall and wouldn't stop for a long while... And all the cars would stop moving, and nobody would work, and all the hustle and bustle of the city would stop for a while, and all the people would come out and SEE how beautiful it is all around:)

*Photo by Matjaz Cater


  1. It´s snowing, it´s snowing, it´s snowing in Germany too. The children, my children live the dream, they are amazed by the falling snowflakes, climb the hill and gliding down withe the sledge again and again and forget the time and everything around.

    It´s alike when we are gliding high and alone over the landscape, over the summits, far away from all human troubles.

    Best greets from cold bavaria (-14 C).

    juergen karpf

  2. It's sweaty, it's sweaty, it's sweaty here in Florida. I just got home after a week up north and had to turn on the air conditioner. ;/

    Your dream is my dream, too; snow that falls and falls and shuts the city (or even places far from the city) down and people just enjoy it.

    I'm thinking next year in Switzerland.