09 June 2010

Malibu Flying

Будучи в Австрии между делом довелось-таки полетать на новом маленьком Малибу - спасибо Герольфу. Полетали на пару, даже кросс кантри:)

Малибу - это такой учебно-дюнный аппаратик. Раньше был только большеразмерный вариант. А сейчас вот маленький появился. Игрушка:) Вот уж на нем можно садиться на вершинах гор и ходить пешком по летающим парапланам:) Просто продолжение мысли.

While being in Austria I got a chance to try a new little Malibu - thanks to Gerolf. We were flying together, and though Gerolf was flying a little Malibu as well, he was always not just faster, but higher than me, always better climbing. Experience:)

Malibu is a single surface glider meant for playing on dunes (and not only on dunes... We were playing quite a bit in mountains as well:)) and for learning how to fly. Before they had only a big Malibu, but now little pilots also got their toy.

I would say this is the perfect wing to land on tops of the mountains, to fly close to the rocks and to other gliders, to walk over paragliders in the air:) It is just that the handling gives you so much confindence in the air, like if those wings would be the continuation of your own body:)
Эх, прицепить к нему бы такую веревочку - выкрутил поток, затянул полиспаст и усвистел как Лайтспид.
Wouldn't it be nice to have such a VG there, which you could pull in the end and then fly away like a Litespeed:)

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