11 May 2010

Women's Worlds - "Respect" for Adidas

Регистрация. На соревнования. Организаторы выдали номер, чтобы наклеить на дельтаплан. Номер с рекламой адидас. Ну я недолго думая отрезала рекламу адидас от моего номера и наклеяла просто номер. Ох, что тут было. Организаторы в лицы Коринны настоятельно попросили наклеять рекламу обратно, потому что в соревнованиях могут летать только пилоты с этой рекламой(ого, этого не было в правилах), потому что адидас дает кучу денег (кому?) и подарков (ну посмотрим, ок. Хотя пока что адидас одел полностью только немецкую команду:)) и и мы должны в дань уважения клеить эту рекламу, а без адидаса мне надо платить в четыре раза больше стартовый взнос. Хм. Ну, вот она моя дань уважения фирме адидас. Наклеила только потому что это Чемпионат Мира и не хотелось подводить команду.
The registration for the comps. The organizers gave me a number to put on my glider's wing, a number with "Adidas" advertising. I didn't think about it but just cut the "Adidas" word out and attached only the number to my wing. Why would I put on my wing the advertising of the company which doesn't pay me any money, right? Would you do any differently?
Oh, you've gotta see what it caused. Pilots were standing around me and saying that nobody is allowed to fly this comp without this advertising, but I didn't believe them. I was sure they were kidding:). I thought it couldn't be true:)

Then Corinna Schwiegershausen, one of the organizers, came along and told me that I HAVE to put the advertising on my wings. Why is that? - I was surprised.
The first answer was that nobody was allowed to fly without this advertising. It is like a nonwritten rule!

Later on I've got the second answer that Adidas gave so much money (to whom? Not to me, really) and so many prizes for the comp that, without Adidas help, I would need to pay an entry fee four times bigger (so, it would be like 4*€450 = €1800).
The first question here about those prizes: they said that the winners of the tasks will get the prizes. Why, then, should the other pilots who will not win the task advertize this company? Is this fair? So far I see that only the German team has got all the clothes and things from Adidas, but all the other pilots are also advertising it.
As for the second question, is that really so? Would we really need to pay an €1800 entry fee to take part in the Women's Worlds? Where does all that money go? How did they manage to make such a good Women-Rigid-Swift Worlds in Monte-Cucco then?

The third answer was that Adidas just gives a lot of money and we SHOULD put this advertizing to show our RESPECT to the company. Maybe the people who get that money, those clothes and such COULD show their respect. But I also paid almost 500 euro to this competition. Could I also have a bit of respect:)))?

Hm. Ok, I gave up. If it had not of been a World Championship where I am on the national team, I would have taken my entry fee back, turned around and gone away...

But - here I am, showing my respect.

Does it seem like I respect it that much, do you think?


  1. Женька, надо было перепутать порядок букв. В лучших традициях подделок, типа adadis (жаль абибас не получится) :) Вот тогда ты бы реально разозлила оргов такой антирекламой))

  2. Ни говори! Меня б тогда просто возненавидели:)

  3. гы, мне предложили продолжить надпись Адидас какой-нить фразой типа "... is not my sponsor":)

    Вы думаете, меня убьют за это:)?

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