19 August 2009

The Slovenian Open - day 3

Таск 2. 104 км через 5 поворотников.
Task 2. 104 km with five turnpoints.

Погода была отличная. Обещали невысокую погоду, 1700-1800 метров. Но в итоге было 2000-2300. Я долетела до цели, чему очень порадовалась, но летела очччень долго, устала. Видела наконец-то пещерный город на хребте по курсу:) Красиво.
The weather conditions were very nice. In the begining they promised a low cloudbase: 1700-1800 meters. But finally it was more than 2000 meters. I made goal, was really happy with that:) But I flew really long time and I am soo tired:) It was a beautiful flight:)

The fastest was Primoz Gricar, following by Thomas Weissenberger and Gerolf Heinrichs.

Результаты ТУТ.
Results are HERE.

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